VIDEO IGA YAABSHAY:-Gabar Soomaaliyeed oo Tv-ga ka sheegtay inay Tumasho diyaar u tahay!!

25847514Nimco waa  Soomaali  kuna  nool  dalka Netherland ama Holand  ayaa noqotay mid ku Tumatay dhaqanka iyo diinta ummada Soomaaliyeed, kadib markii ay barnaamij caan ah oo ka baxa Telefishin caalami ah oo laga leeyahay dalka Netherlands ay   la baxday nin cadaan ah  oo Tv-gu keeneen barnaamijka la yiraahdo TAKE ME OUT!.

Inta  hartay Somali ayaa u daayay iyo Video-ga iga yaabshay!!

Gabadh Soomaali ah oo Dalbanaysa Gaal Latunta!!

“Dulli kama Baxaysaan hadii  DIINTA lagu laaban”


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Re: Robbery victims assisted by thieves. Abdulkadir Osman “Aroma”


Abdulkadir Osman “Aroma” – In the aftermath of Second World War, in a meeting held on 24th October 1945 in San Francisco, the Charter of United Nations Organization was finalized and countries liberated from the AXIS Forces were named “Occupied Enemy Territories” and they were recognized as existing countries.

In the line with the UN Charter, Somalia was placed under UN Trusteeship and again on 21 November 1949 UN finalized the draft constitution for the Trusteeship with Italy as administering authority. Since 21st November 1949 All Governments and International Organizations recognize Somalia as existing country.

Nowadays there is confusion among Somali people about the notion of “State recognition and Administration recognition”. Over 63 years USA recognized Somalia as sovereign State but recently recognized the current administration. Let me raise a very important question about the current issue. What benefit Somali people can get from recent administration recognition? Since the only remaining Super Power recognized the new Somali Government, other countries may extend aid to Somalia and ease indirect sanctions that US imposed on Somalia after Blackhawk down fight on 3rd October 1993.

The US recent diplomatic demarche has triggered widespread jubilation from the Somali Community, believing and hopeful chanting that if US recognizes our government the sky will rain gold and diamond. This expectation is a day dream with nightmare. Dear brothers and sisters don’t expect too much aid from Washington and please glance back the history lines and long diplomatic relations between USA and Somalia:

  • 01/04/1950 UN established in Somalia Trusteeship, under Italian administration. Known as “AFIS”
  • Mid 1950 USA opened liaison office as Consulate in Mogadishu.
  • Late 1950 Trusteeship administration granted drilling concessions to two American Oil Corporation: “Sinclair  and Rogers”
  • From 1950-2013, except ambiguous Peace Corps agenda in 1960s and yellow maize dumping, plus millions of dollars channeled through the UN agencies, the few US funded useful projects (useful to the public) that ever USA undertook in Somalia are four:
  1. Training Teachers Institute known LAFOLE in Afgooye
  2. West wing extension of Kismayo Port
  3. Water installation in North Mogadishu known Eel-Arfit Wells
  4. Extension farms project in Afgooye……

Let us compare 60 years US Aid projects to Somalia and 30 years Chinese Aid projects to Somalia. Late Chou En-Lai, Prime Minister of Communist China visited Mogadishu early February 1963. It is worth to mention that, in less than two decades Chinese government built very important projects “useful to public” in Somalia, including:

Long tarmac road which links South and North
Fanole Irrigation Project
Banaadir Hospital
Stadium Mogadishu
National Theater
Institute for Political and Management studies
Hargeysa Water installation known as Geed-deebleh Wells and etc.

After 1977 war between Somalia and Ethiopia, Somali people has experienced unbearable chaotic turmoil situation. However, the USA who is today’s sole Hyper Power and de-facto world leader and dominant International leadership responded passively to rescue Somali people. Although the US Government has recently recognized the present Somali Government, we believe that more could have been done given the power of USA. A Persian proverb said “The King has many eyes and many ears”.

Today USA is king of world and has many ears and many eyes, with its resources and powerful intelligence agencies; they never listen to Somali concern and grieve. It is narrated that in the 1970s in one School in remote village, a teacher asked his pupil “Which is nearer to Somalia, America or the Sun?

The seven-year old pupil replied “of course the sun is nearer to us because we can see the sun but we never saw America”. Again the teacher asked, “Americans and Chinese who is sincere friend to Somali people? Another pupil replied: “my mother, who was ill, was treated humanely by a Chinese doctor and she recovered well”. There is no doubt that the US has neglected Somalia over many years and whatever Aid it gave to Somalia it provided through the UN Aid agencies. Despite US evaded duty toward Somalia, there is a deception from UN and its bureaucratic agencies as well as the so-called international NGOs.

In the last quarter century, international mass-media nicknamed Somalia: a country of refugee, a country of famine, a country of terrorist, a country of piracy, a country of NGO, a country of bogus projects, a country of maladministration and corruption, failed state etc, etc. Moreover, the International Mafia hijacked Somali destine and they act as Good-Samaritans Beasts rescued domestic animals and act as follows metaphorically:

 Can lion be caretaker of camels?
Can hyena be caretaker of cattle?
Can tiger be caretaker of gazelle?
Can fox be caretaker of lambs?
Can raccoon be caretaker of chicken?
Can cat be caretaker of rats?
Can termite be caretaker of woods?

The above questions and their ironic meaning is that the wild beast can take the role of guardians for the domestic animals, exactly in the same way as may reflect the real opposite meaning of the international community working today in Somalia as Aid Agencies on humanitarian grounds. From fire to frying pan is that workshop for FGM or AIDS awareness or contraception for family planning projects can touch the reality on the grounds in Somalia today? Can these projects be helpful to the current situation and change the lives of thousands of Somali vulnerable who have been enduring all forms of social agonies for the last 22 years of anarchy condition? Can FGM and contraceptive pills be the right project to address the appalling condition of Somali people today?

Currently, there are over 200 International Aid Agencies working in Somalia, but they are based in Nairobi residing five star hotels and luxurious riverside compounds. Except workshops of ridicules vain projects; is there any locality in Somalia whereby the activities of these Aid Agencies are visible? To add insult the injury, are they all working on Intelligence Network activities? Or to look it from the right angle, are they working on invisible developmental projects which can be useful to the next generation of neighbouring countries. To whom these Aid Agencies are accountable to? Who can unmask the real purpose behind screen?  Does 10% of total aid from donors allocated to Somali people reach the field destination?

Unfortunately, Somalia has been indirectly governed by international Mafia over the last 22 years. Panhandle agencies working in Somalia as aid workers are part of the problem and are contributing negatively to the unending chronic dispute among Somali factions. They add fuel to the fire and promote sinister plan based on “divide and rule” in order to keep Somalia stateless forever.

Millions of dollars that the world had donated to Somalia, plus a number of national assets including ships and civilian aircraft as well as other valuable equipment were looted. We have been let down by the International Community and feel like being robbed by remorseless thieves. We desperately need sincere international audits for accountability. On 13th May 2013 UN-ICAO transferred part of aviation jurisdiction to Somali Government, but what about the past. Over the last 22 years, the UN formed agency “Civil Aviation Caretaker Authority for Somalia” based in Nairobi, has been handling the aviation service of Somalia, yearly they collect from Somalia airspace huge revenue estimated at millions US dollars as royalty, no one knows where these money ended up. Nowadays Western countries are very busy on how to uproot what the biased media branded as Somali Piracy but locally known as “fighters for survival” but the whole world is looking blind eye to what we call “airspace piracy” and foreign ships dumping waste toxic in our seas and illegal fishing as well as disaster desertification encouraged by the Arab Gulf Countries and charcoal exported to Middle East. “Col ku dhac oo tuugo ku ciidamisay = Robbery victims assisted by thieves”

An old wisdom has said that two strong men caught a Satan and they threatened him “we will kill you by choking” the Satan said “if you choke me I will produce worse than me. They choked him and then the Satan vomited disease. The second time they choked, he vomited drought. Third time they choked and then the Satan vomited poisonous thorny tree. Having realized their mistake they stopped choking the Satan. This anecdote teaches us a lesson: From 1977 the world has choked Somali people. The first effect from this choke was exodus of refugee and human trafficking. The second product was famine and drought. The third product was the work of fanatic elements boys of Al-Shabaab linked to al-Qaed. The fourth product was greedy guys of piracy. If Somalia is choked for a fifth time, the result will probably be Nuclear Bomb which can wipe out the entire human being, because there is plenty Uranium in Central Regions of Somalia.

During the last 60 years whilst Russia and China won Somali public confidence, conversely, the West never succeed to win the hearts and minds of Somali people, instead of capturing people’s will, they create unfriendly atmosphere. West’s sinister plan and negligent evaded international responsibility toward Somali debacle caused severe catastrophic plight to the Somali society. Thus many Somali youth easily accepted fundamentalism doctrine and hated Western ambiguous ill faith culture. Furthermore Somali historians “middle aged persons like me” still remember the golden days and how Eastern Bloc built our country honestly and the famous slogan “Allow Ruush ama Roob = Oh Allah either Russian or rain, as national anthem”. Still we remember developmental projects implemented by Russia and China and their generosity. A friend in need is friend indeed. Time is best teacher who distinguishes friend from foe. Premier Tayib Erdogan’s historic trip to famine camps in Somalia will remain forever in the memoirs of Somali people and it seems that Turkey will replace Russia and China. Centuries ago, Somali poet said:

Nin i xooray maalintaan xumaa amse xaasoobay,
Ku xilli’i maalintaan xoog iyo xoolo leeyahay
“Person who neglected me the hardship needy days 
I won’t bother good days of wealthy and ability”

Without deviating further from the main point, unless US and West act now and set-up concrete tangible plan to rescue Somali people, the majority of Somali ethnic roughly (50%) wherever they are, will become religious fanatics and ardent supporter of Shabaab. Please revise Somali dossier in your office faithfully and stop double standard policy and hidden agenda, for instance the millions of dollars that you are spending in anti-piracy warships stationed in Indian Ocean, kindly allocate only 10% to Somali Coast Guard and local police force, in exchange for guarantee of no more piracy. Piracy is inland problem not high-seas problem.

Similar the millions of dollars that you are spending on AMISOM forces stationed in Southern Somalia please allocate only 10% of the funds to Somali army; it is guaranteed that, within short period of time, they will restore the stability. The former golden days when Soviet Union trained Somali army, they were called the Best Black army or African Tigers. Regarding the current semi-disaster situation “drought and merciless so-called religious war” Somalia does not need stockpile of weapons in AMISOM hands and fruitless Federal system implementation, but desperately needs effective reconstruction and rehabilitation programmes. I know that this issue is raised many times by Somali scholars, but my aim is to remind the world that international community is watching carelessly the semi-genocide acts that are taking place in Southern Somalia for the last 22 years.

Samuel Huntington the author of “Clash of civilizations” wrote in his book “Haiti and Somalia” are phenomena without next kin. This is a valid  assertion, based on truth because it seems that, Somali people are cursed seclude creature, not member of human family because in 19th century, the colonialists dismembered Somali people and divided into five portions and now another conspiracy is taking shape to divide Somali Republic into the so-called loose Federal mini-states of tribal-lands. Whatever happened in the past, please open now a new chapter and treat Somali people as human being and what you are cooking behind the curtain please put on the table, because 22 years of punishment is enough to Somali people, enough is enough. Sure all humiliation nicknames and anarchy will vanish forever and Somalia will stand its own feet soon.

Abdulkadir Osman “Aroma” –

Banaadir News Network.

Coming Soon this Film,InshaALAH.


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SHABEELADA HOOSE:-Amisom oo lacag ka qaadata Isbaaro taala Sh.Hoose(waa tumaa isbaradaas immisa ayaana ka soo gasha maalin walba?)

25769292Iyadoo maalmahanba ay cabasho ka soo yeereysay Isbaarooyinka tirada badan ee daadsan wadada u dhexeysa Afgooye iyo Marka ayaa wararku sheegayaan in Ciidamada Amisom ay qeyb ku leyihiin Isbaarooyinkaas.

Wararka ay markanews heleyso ayaa sheegaya in Isbaarada Maleeshiyada Dowladda u taala deegaanada Shalambood iyo Buufow ay qeyb ku leeyihiin Ciidamada Amisom ee ku sugan labadaasi Tuuloooyinkaas!.

Sarkaalka madaxda ka ah Ciidamada Amisom ee Buufow ayaa Isbaarada halkaas u taala laga siiyaa maalin walba 100$ ama ka badan  oo marna loogu gado Neef Ari ah, mararka kalena kaararka telefoonada.

Sidoo kale, Saraakiisha Ciidamada Amisom ee Shalambood ayaa Isbaarada Shalambood ku leh 100$ maalintii.

Labdan Isbaaro ee Buufow iyo Shalambood ayaa waxay u taala maleeshiyo beeleed ka amar qaadata gudoomiyaha Gobolka Shabellada Hoose Cabdulqaadir Siidi.

Dhacdadan ayaa ah tii ugu horeysay ee ka dhacda Soomaliya ee ay ciidamo Amisom qeyb ku yeeshaan lacag laga soo qaday Isbaaro lagu dhibaateeynayo Ummadda Soomaliyeed.

Tani ayaa daliil u ah in Ciidamada Amisom ay la sii qabsanayaan dabeecada Ciidamada iyo maleeshiyaadka Soomalida ee ay la shaqeeyaan tan iyo markii ay Soomaliya yimaadeen 2007.




Saraakiisha DKMG ah ayuu ugu baaqay in ay bartaan habka siyaasadda iyo maamulka iyagoo adeecaya macalinkooda A.Mahiiga.

“kkk waa in aan wax ka baranaa macalinkeena Mudane Mahiiga oo aan uga mahad celineyno sida uu TFG u gacansiiyo” ayuu yiri shariif Sheekh Axmed oo u muuqday in u raali gelinayay Agostina Mahiiga.

Madaxda DKMG ah ayaa ku caan baxay dabadhilifnimo, Musuqmaasuq iyo in ay u hiiliyaan kuwa Nasaarada ah iyagoo ka hiilinaya Muslimiinta inta macooda ah.

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AKHRI:-Matt Bryden iyo Abdi Aynte oo eeh, Xassan Gurguurte Dhaqaalaha iyo Ciidamada Beesha Hawiye Kaliya ayuu Doonayaa in uu kadhigo, Barnaamij Siyaasadeedna Gacanta Kuma Hayo!.

25760672MUQDISHO:- Soomaaliya NGO ayaa xaaraan ku haysta, Nairobi ayey iska fadhiyaan waxayna lacag ka qaataan UN, markaas ayaa Ninkas wuxuu jecel yahay intuu qoro wuxuu yiraahdaa Soomaalidu sidaas ayey doonayaan ama sidaas ayey hormar ku gaarayaan, maantay Soomaaliya waa Nin Buka boqol u taliseye la sheegi jiray.

Horta Ninkaan Aqoon u la hayn Matt Bryden iyo Abdi Aynte Annaga hanaga barto, Matt Bryden Wadanka Canada ayuu kasoo jeeda, waa Nin la yiraahdo Gabar Soomaaliya ayuu qabaa garan mayno Diinta uu ku qabo iyo Gabadhaas Diinta ay haysato, waxaa la sheegaa Gabadhu in ay kasoo jeedo Gobolada Waqooyiga Soomaaliya ee hadda Somaliland loogu yeero.

Wuxuu aad u difaacaa in Somaliland ay Soomaaliya ka goosato, waa Nin kamid ahaan jiray inta aan shaqada looga cayrin isku dirka Soomaalida qoladii UN,ka ee la oran jiray Contact Group, waa Nimankii Sheekh Maxamed Cabdi Umal xiniiyaha kudhagay ee ku dari jiray warbixin ay kasoo saareen Murtadiinta Soomaaliyeed ee sheegta Siyaasiyiinta.

Abdi Aynte waa Wariyihii VOA qaybta Soomaaliga ka shaqayn jiray kadibna u wareegay Aljazeera qaybta English ka, waa Nin Soomaaliya oo Beesha Hawiye . Wuxuu kamid noqday NGO’yada Soomaaliya qasaya wuxuuna sameeyey NGO la yiraahdo,

Qoraal Mareegta Economist lagu qoray ayaa lagu sheegay Xassan Gurguurte in uu Siyaasaddii Soomaaliya ku fashilmay oo uusan haysan Barnaamij Siyaasadeed oo Shacabka Soomaaliyeed ka gadmi kara.

Matt Bryden, a Canadian who runs Sahan Research, a Somali-oriented think-tank in Nairobi, notes that “none of the work has been done towards federalism,” letting critics allege that the government is more centralist than it admits. They fret that the new security forces and police will be dominated by Mr Mohamud’s powerful Hawiye clan.

Abdi Aynte, the head of the Heritage Institute, a think-tank based in Somalia, complains that too many conspiracy theories abound. The president has no hidden agenda, he says, and “an incredibly hard job”.

“Matt Bryden oo hadda ka shaqeeya NGO baaritaanka Shacabka Soomaaliyeed ku haya, ayaa sheegay in Arinta Soomaaliya lagu dhameeyey Faderaalnimo, balse waa ku adag tahay dowladda inkastoo ay tahay dowlad dhexe sida ay sheegtaan”, Xassan Gurguurtana iyo Qabiilkiisa Hawiye waxaa gacanta ugu jira Awoodda Ciidanka cusub iyo Booliiska, Ayuu yiri, Matt Bryden”.

Sidoo kale Abdi Aynte oo madax u ah, Heritage ayaa qaba dhaliishaas in ay jirto, Xassan Gurguurtana mahayo Barnaamij Siyaasaddiisa uu kusii hogaamiyo, waxaana sugaysa howl aad u Adag ayuu yiri Abdi Aynte “.

Qormada waxaa lagu sheegay u jeedooyinka Somaliland iyo Puntland ay Xassan Gurguurte mucaaradka ugu noqdeen, Qabyaaladdii Soomaaliya ayuu Xassan Gurguurte soo celiyey, sidaan horay u sheegnay, waxaana ka socda Magaalada London Shirar Qabiilada Soomaaliyeed ay isku Afla gaadaynayaan, waxaana baraha Soomaalida qaarkood la soo dhigay Dumar si foolxun u caayaya Xassan Gurguurte oo guubaabinaya Beesha Jaalle Daarood.

Guul maantay waxaa gaaray Xarakada Mujaahidiinta Al shabaab, waxaana dhici doonta in Xassan Gurguurtana wakhtigu uu kadhamaado sidii Sharif Sheekh oo iskaga hayaamay gayiga Somaliyeed markii oo Gaalo u gacan galshay!!

Isha Warka Resource Economist 

Maxamed Xaamud 



Amnigii Moqdisho oo la soo  waayay iyo Xasan
 Gurguurte oo qarash ku bixiyay in Saacid
 Shirdoon Mooshin laga keeno!!

Gabar Somaliyed o Si kulul uga hadlaysa Dowlada Xasan Gurguurte (Sucaad Caynab)

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MOQDISHO:-Amisom oo dumar guryaha kala baxday kadibna kufsada Deg Heliwaa ee gobolka Banaadir!

25754553Shacabka ku dhaqan Deegaanka Suuqa Xoolaha Degmada Heli waa ee Magaalada Muqdisho ayaa sheegaya in ay isi soo tarayaan dhibaatooyinka ay kala kulmaan askarta Dowladda Federaalka ah ee halkaas jooga.

dil, dhac, kufsi, handadaad iyo ganacsigoo cariiri la gelshay ayaa ka jira Suuqa Xoolaha.

sidaas oo ay tahay Ciidamadu waxa ay la kulmaan dilal kaga imaanaya rag ka tirsan Xarakada Shabaabul Mujaahidiin oo Muqdisho howlgalo ka fuliya.

Markasta oo iyaga dhibaato soo gaarto Cidda ay ka aarsanayaan waa shacabka sida dadka Deegaanku u sheegeen Idaacadda Islaamiga ah ee Alfurqaan.

geesta kale askarta Uganda ee jooga Xerada Maslax ee Suuqa xoolaha ayaa kufsi baahsan kula kacaya Dumarka xaafadaha u dhaw degan.

haweeney ka mid ah dadka ku ganacsada Deegaanka Suuqa Xoolaha oo Xalay u warantay Idaacadda Islaamiga ah ee Alfurqaan ayaa sheegtay in ka sokow kufsiga ay gabdhaha xafadahaasi degan kula kacaan askarta Dowladda Federaalka ah ugandheysku xoojiyeen Dumarka ay Kufsanayaan kadibna jidadka la soo dhigayo iyagoo Miir daboolmay.





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DHAGEYSO:-Daahir Ciiro: “Waa Masuuliyad Darro In Calanka Ingiriiska Laga Taago Madaxtooyada”


Maalintii shalay waxaa xarunta madaxtooyada laga taagay calanka wadanka Ingiriiska iyadoo gacalo walaaltinimo loogu muujinayo dowladda gaalada ah ee dalkaasi maadaama ay madaxdeedo daadihinayeen shir ku saabsan arimaha Soomaaliya.

Daahir Ciiro oo kamid ah siyaasiyiinta dowladda Federalka ah, horeyna uga tirsanaa Baarlamaanka ayaa mas’uuliyad darro ku tilmaamay in calanka Ingiriiska laga taago madaxtooyada.

Ciiro oo ka careysan ficilkaasi ayaa madaxda dowladda Federalka ah u isticmaalay maahmaahyo la yaab leh oo muujineysa halka ay joogaan madaxda dowladda Federalka ah.


Halkan Ka Dhageyso Hadalka Daahir Ciiro



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EVC Iyo E-maal, Anigu Waan Ku Oon Baxay, Isna Wuu Ku Abaarsaday!!. Qore:- Maslax Ilka Case.

25618222Shirkadaha isgaarsiinta ee dalkeena ka jira waxay muteysteen amaan iyo mahad celin, maadaama Allaah fadligi ay ku guuleysteen in ay horumariyaan dalkooda oo burbursan.

Ammaanta kuma eka shirkadaha oo kaliya, hayeeshee waxay sumcad usoo jiideen dalkooda iyo dadkooda, kadib markii ay ka horumariyeen shucuubta wadamo badan oo iyagoo dowlado leh inaga hooseeya, marka loo eego dhanka isgaarsiinta.

Shirkadda Isgaarsiinta ee Hormuud ayaa ugu horeysa kaalinta isgaarsiineed ee dalka, waxaana soo labeysa shirkadda isgaarsiinta ee Nationlink.

Adeegyadii ugu dambeeyay ee ay shirkadahan keeneen ayaa waxaa kamid ah EVC PLUS  iyo E-maal, waa adeegyo kugu saacidaya in aad hab Electaronic ah lacagtaada ugu keydsato mobilka, ku dukaameysato, ku xawisho, sidoo kalana ka dhax iibsato kararka ku hadalka.

Adeegyadan waxay dadka ku saacideen in ay lacagtooda uga badbaado tuugada wax baarata, halka markii hore laga qaadan jiray lacagta ay wataan oo ahaa kuwa u muuqanaya burcadda laakin waxaa jira qaabab kale oo ay adeegsadaan burcada marka ay doonayaan inay shacabka ka dhacaan lacagaha lagu keydiyo adeegyada aan soo xusay.

Si lamid ah adeegyadan ayaa waxay nasiino u sameeyeen in badan oo kamid ah dadka shaxaadka ku nool oo hawshoodu ahayd socod iyo gaari raac, shaxaadleyda oo laga yaabo in waqtiyada qaar ay soo hungoobi jireen iyagoo gaari raac iyo waqtiba lumiyay  ayey adeegyada EVC iyo Emaal u sahleen in uu walaalkii shaxaado isagoo gurigiisa jooga.

Intaa iyo in ka badan oo faa’iido ah ayey ummadu ku heshay adeegyada qiimaha badan ee ay inoo keeneen shirkadaha isgaarsiineed ee dalkeena.

Xailiyada qaar shacabka ayaa xuleys kala kulma adeegyada EVC IYO EMAAL maxaa yeelay iyagoo maqaaxi ka cunteeyay ayuusan adeegsa ushaqeyn oo waxaa dhacda in halkaa buuq uu ka dhasho.

Maqaalkan waxaan cinwaan uga dhignay (EVC Iyo E-maal, Anigu Waan Ku Oon Baxay, Isna Wuu Ku Abaarsay!).

Shaki kuma jiro in adeegyadani ku oon bexeen dad badan sida aan kor ku soo sheegnay, hase ahaatee waxaa iyana is dul taag mudan qeybta dambe ee cinwaanka oo ah (Isna Wuu Ku Abaarsaday).

Inkastoo dadka intiisa badan ku faa’iiday adeegyada EVC iyo Emaal, haddana waxaa ku khasaaray dadka masaakiinta ah, gaar ahaan kuwooda dawarsada ee lagu sadaqeysan jiray kunka ama labada kun ee shilinka Soomaaliga.

Waxaa taa ugu wacan iyadoo aaney lacagtaadu sarifneyn iyo qofki miskiinka ahaa oo aanan wadan Telefoon.

dad muxsiniin ah oo aad udoonayay inay lacagtooda baxsadaan ayay xiliyada qaar ciil is badaan maadaama lacagtu ay ugu jirto taleefoonka islamarkaana uusan awoodin inuu bixiyo xiligaasi.

Waqtiyada qaar wey dhacdaa in qofka miskiinka isticmaalo adeegyada lacagta, haddana waxaa adag in dadku wax ku sadaqeystaan marka ay arkaan qof labisan ama taleefan isticmaalaya.

Ugu dambeyntii waxaan ku talinayaa in shirkaduhu barnaamijyo u sameeyaan dadka masaakiinta ah, sidoo kale waxaan cid walba oo wax heysata usoo jeedinayaa inaaney ka caajisin sadaqada iyo caawinta walaalaha danyarta ah.

Waxaan leeyahay, walaalayaal ha hilmaamina in aad lacag yar jeebka ku qaadataan si aad u sadaqeysataan marka walaalihiin gacmaha idiin hoorsadaan.

W/Q Maslax Cabdi  Ilka Case.


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MAQAAL:-Safaarad Mase Saldhig Sirdoon? Qore:-Aqoonyahan Saciid Islaam.

25557970Tan iyo waxii ka danbeyay  Burburkii  Dowladii dhaxe ee  Soomaliya waxa uu dalka soo maray heerar kala duwan o midba mid ka sii xumaa  haba ugu darnaado heerka aan manta ku suganahay.

Horaantii Isbuucaani ayey eheed safar an la sii shaacin markii uu ku tagay  Magalada Muqdisho  Xogeyaha Arrimaha dibada  e Dowladda Ingiriiska William Hague kasoo  kulan u ku qabtay  Garoonka  diyaaradaha Aadan Adde kuna  sheegay in si toos ah loo furay wax loogu yeeray  safaarad

Waxaan  jecleestay in an wax yar is dul taago oo an  wax ka qoro  anoo ugu magac daray Safaraad Mase Saldhig Sirdoon
inbadan oo  aqristayaasha ayaa laga yabaa durba marka aan ka dhawaajiyo magaca ah  Safarad ama Saldhig Sirdoon in ay maskaxdooda ku soo dibaaxdo  maxuu kaga danleyayay balasa waan sii  faah fahin

Soomaaliya oo noqotay  Bahala galeen tan iyo waxii ka dabeyay  soo galitaankii ciidamada Xabashida  oo aaqriki sababtay in kuwa walalahooda ah oo loo soo huwiyay magaca  Nabad Illaalin lagu badlo si mesha looga saaro  xasuuqii ay ciidamadii xabashida Geysteen

Markii ay ciidamada  loogu magac daray nabad ilaalinta ee gaalada afrikaanta yimadeen  hadaba waxa sii badanayay  sirdoonka soo galayo dalka walow ay hada maree heerkii ugu xuma oo gaaladii  cadaanka eheed qarashka badan la daba joogtay  kuwa afrikaanta ay si toos u soo caga dhigteen dalka ayagoo ku soo galaa  wax loogu yeeray taageero caalami ah

William Hague  oo magalada muqdisho   ku sugan qasatan madaarka  diyaaradaha ayaa  waxa uu halkaasi ka tagay calanka  calamada is dhaafka ku taal ee dowladda ingiriiska asoo sheegay in si toos ay u furan tahay  hada kadib safaraadii Uk

Isweydiinta  dad badani durba  ku soo dibaaxee ayaa ah  maxa xilkaan keenay in safraad laga furo  Gudaha garoon diyaaraded  ama xero  ciidan  degan yahay  hadii ay tahay safaraad  dhab ah oo u adeege dadka  ka soo jeedo  dalka Uk ama heesto jinsiyada Uk

Sida caadiyanka ah marka safaarada ama xarun dublumaasiyeed ay kala furanayaan laba dal oo cilaaqaad wanaagsan ka dhaxeyo waxa dhacdo in xarunta laga furaa safaarada ay ahaato inta badan  meel kaga taal caasimada  Halbowlaha ama meel ka ag dhaw inta badan xarumaha dowaldda sidoo kale waxa marka la furaa xarun dublumaasiyeed goob joog ka noqdo  safiirka u matlaa  dalka furanaa

             Ujeedka xero ciidan looga furay 

Laga soo bilaabo Isgoyska KM4 ilaa xeebta jaziira oo caan ku ah degnaashaha ay degan yahiin sirdoonka galaaada afrikaanka iyo Kuwa cadaankaba  ayaa qeyb weyn ka ah in maanta laga furo  xarun loogu magac daray safaarad  aygoo u argo in ay ku nabad galayaan

Waxaa is weyn diintu tahay  caasimadii soomaaliya o idil  ma inta ka dhaxeeso baa Isgoyska KM4 ilaa xeebta jazeero
Aaway  madaxtooyadii Dalka? Aaway  xarumihi ku caanka aha in laga furo xeryo dublumaasi?

Su’aalahaasi o dhan wax ay kugu soo dhacayan marka aad fiirso qaabka manta loo furay waxa loogu yeeray safarada Uk

Waa Maxay  Xogta dhabta ah e ka danbeeso in xiligaan la furo  xarun ay ku yeelato  hay’ada IM6 oo 

ah Hay’ad sirdoonka Uk u qaabilsan  dibada.

Waxaa hubaal ah in xaruntaan ay qeyb ka tahay dagaalka  galada  ay kula jiraan  shacbiga muslimiinta somaalida ayagoo u soo maraa  dad sheeganaa magacii dowladnimo somaliyeed si ay ugu ugaarsadaan waxii ay u argaan in ay ka horimaan karaan danahooda ku aadan qabsashada dalka soomaliya iyo ummada musliminta ee ku nool

         Gunaanad  Iyo fariin ku aadan shacabka Muslimka ee soomaaliyeed

Walaalaheyga   Muslimiinta soomaaliyeed ogaada waxa maanta loogu yeeray safaarad  in ay tahay qeyb ka mid ah IM6  Uk oo ahi hay’ad sirdoon oo  ka howl gasho  dunada  oo idil si ay xogta  qarsoodiga ama dhagaraha lala damacsan yahay gaalada Ingiriiska u heso waana waxa maanta ku soo aadiyay in soomaaliyana ay ka furato xarun

Hadaba anoo soo gabagabeyna hadalkeyga waxan ku soo jaraa  soomaliya oo idil ama caasimadii oo idil ma waxa ay ku soo idlaatay in  in ta ciidanka  shisheeyaha xooga ku heesto laga sameeyo xeryo  sirdoon

Hadaba hallkaasi waxaa ka cad hadalkii meel walba lala marayay ee ahaa in caasimada nabad tahay ay beenoowday  hadiiba xero ciidan dhaxeeda laga furaa  xarun sirdoonka  Ingiriiska leeyahay

W/Q : Aqoonyahan Saciid Islaam.


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MINNASOTA:-Soomaalida Minnesota oo kaalinta Shanaad ka gashay dadka ugu badan ee qaba cudurka Aids-ka.

25557894Dadka Soomaalida ah ee ku dhaqan qurbaha ayaa la sheegay inay yihiin  kuwo dhaqan door soomay oo inta badan aqlaaqda wadaangsan ka tegey marka laga reebo tiro yar oo Allaah bad baadiyay.

Dhalinyarada aan diinta Islaamka lagu barbaarin ee la saaxiibay dhigooda gaalada iyo dadka waaweyn gaar ahaan kuwo muqaadaraatka isticmaala ayaa la soo sheegayaa inay yihiin kuwa ugu daran ee ay saamaynta ku yeesheen dhaqanka gaalada.

Cudurro ayaa la sheegay inay dadkaasi la ildaranyihiin siiba kuwa halista ahh ee wax gumaada sida Aids-ka.

Soomaalida ku dhaqan Minnesota ayaa la sheegay inay xilligan la ildaranyihiin Cudurka dilaaga ah ee Aids-ka iyadoo la sheegay in kaalinta shanaad ay kaga jiraan dadka ugu badan ee qaba cudurkaasi.

Baaritaan ay samaysay waaxda caafimaadka ee gobolkaasi ayaa sheegtay in Soomaalidu ay kaalinta shanaad ka galeen dadka soo galootiga ah ee qaba cudurkaasi.

Ilaa 90 qof oo Soomaali ah oo baaritaanno u tagay isbitaallada ayaa la sheegay in laga helay cudurkaasi iyadoo la soo sheegato sidoo kale in laga yaabo in tiradu intaasi ka badantahay!

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BAYAAN DIIDMO IYO ISKA FOGAYN AH:-Cali Baashi Rooraaye “Sheekh Nuur Baaruud Gurxan iyo Sh.Maxamed Garyare waxay alifeen been labada Ururna ma madoobin”

25489544Bayaan maanta kasoo baxay Ururka Islaax ee Soomaaliya ayaa lagu beeniyay in Ururkooda la midoobay Damul Jadiid oo ku lug leh siyaasadda Soomaaliya islamarkaana uu kamid yahay Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud.

Cali Baashir Rooraaye oo Warsaxaafadeedka ku saxiixnaa ayaa sharaxaad ka bixiyay sida ay Sheekh Nuur Baaruud Gurxan iyo Sh.Maxamed Garyare u alifeen beenta ah in labada Urur Midoobeen.

Warka kasoo baxay Islaax wuxuu kusoo aadayaa iyadoo laba maalin ka hor ay Hoteel Muqdisho ku yaal warbaahinta kula haleen Nur Baaruud oo Sheeganayay in uu Damul Jadiid yahay iyo Sh.Maxamed Garyare oo Islaax metelayay.



Waxa ay saxaafadda maalmahan soo tebisay warar sheegaya in ururka Islaax la midoobay urur kale. Anigoo ah guddoomiyaha ururka ISLAAX ee Soomaaliya, waxaan dadweynaha Soomaaliyeed u cadaynayaa in wararkan aysan waxba ka jirin, ururka Islaaxna uusan la midoobin ama uusan ku darsamin urur kale.

Wararkaas aan salka lahayn, waxaa ka dambeeyey Sh Maxamed Axmed Garyare oo aan metelin ururka, wax xil ahna aan u haynin.

Sheekhu muddadii dambe, wuxuu horseeday khilaaf ururka dhexdiisa ah. Wuxuu ururku dadaal xoogan u galay xalinta arintaas. Dadaaladaas waxaa ka qaybgalay waxgarad badan oo ururka ah.

Sidoo kale waxaa khilaafkan go`aano ka soo saaray golayaasha ururka hogaamiya, ee ay ugu sarreeyaan guddida fulinta iyo golaha shuurada.

Ururka ISLAAX wuxuu aad uga xun yahay in Sh. Moxamed Axmed Garyare uu ku gacansayray dhammaan dadaaladaas, iyo go`aannadii golayaasha ururka.

Qof xubin ka ah ururka Islaax, wuu ka bixi karaa ururka, wuxuuna ku biiri karaa urur kale. Laakiin qofna xaq uma laha in uu ku been abuurto ururka ISLAAX.

Ururka Islaax waa urur leh nidaam iyo xeerar haga hawshiisa, wuxuu leeyahay golayaal hogaamiya, oo ay ugu sareeyaan guddida fulinta iyo golaha shuuraha. Talada kamadambaysta ah ee ururka waxaa gooya golayaashaas.

Hadaba, dhammaanba umadda Soomaaliyeed ugu baaqaynaa inay ka wada shaqeeyaan wanaagga iyo horumarka dalka.

Dr.Cali Baashi Rooraaye.



DHAGEYSO: Axmed Macalin Fiqi “Sheekh Nuur Baaruud waa Xubin ka tirsan Hey’adda Nabad sugidda Qaranka”.

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