Re: Robbery victims assisted by thieves. Abdulkadir Osman “Aroma”


Abdulkadir Osman “Aroma” – In the aftermath of Second World War, in a meeting held on 24th October 1945 in San Francisco, the Charter of United Nations Organization was finalized and countries liberated from the AXIS Forces were named “Occupied Enemy Territories” and they were recognized as existing countries.

In the line with the UN Charter, Somalia was placed under UN Trusteeship and again on 21 November 1949 UN finalized the draft constitution for the Trusteeship with Italy as administering authority. Since 21st November 1949 All Governments and International Organizations recognize Somalia as existing country.

Nowadays there is confusion among Somali people about the notion of “State recognition and Administration recognition”. Over 63 years USA recognized Somalia as sovereign State but recently recognized the current administration. Let me raise a very important question about the current issue. What benefit Somali people can get from recent administration recognition? Since the only remaining Super Power recognized the new Somali Government, other countries may extend aid to Somalia and ease indirect sanctions that US imposed on Somalia after Blackhawk down fight on 3rd October 1993.

The US recent diplomatic demarche has triggered widespread jubilation from the Somali Community, believing and hopeful chanting that if US recognizes our government the sky will rain gold and diamond. This expectation is a day dream with nightmare. Dear brothers and sisters don’t expect too much aid from Washington and please glance back the history lines and long diplomatic relations between USA and Somalia:

  • 01/04/1950 UN established in Somalia Trusteeship, under Italian administration. Known as “AFIS”
  • Mid 1950 USA opened liaison office as Consulate in Mogadishu.
  • Late 1950 Trusteeship administration granted drilling concessions to two American Oil Corporation: “Sinclair  and Rogers”
  • From 1950-2013, except ambiguous Peace Corps agenda in 1960s and yellow maize dumping, plus millions of dollars channeled through the UN agencies, the few US funded useful projects (useful to the public) that ever USA undertook in Somalia are four:
  1. Training Teachers Institute known LAFOLE in Afgooye
  2. West wing extension of Kismayo Port
  3. Water installation in North Mogadishu known Eel-Arfit Wells
  4. Extension farms project in Afgooye……

Let us compare 60 years US Aid projects to Somalia and 30 years Chinese Aid projects to Somalia. Late Chou En-Lai, Prime Minister of Communist China visited Mogadishu early February 1963. It is worth to mention that, in less than two decades Chinese government built very important projects “useful to public” in Somalia, including:

Long tarmac road which links South and North
Fanole Irrigation Project
Banaadir Hospital
Stadium Mogadishu
National Theater
Institute for Political and Management studies
Hargeysa Water installation known as Geed-deebleh Wells and etc.

After 1977 war between Somalia and Ethiopia, Somali people has experienced unbearable chaotic turmoil situation. However, the USA who is today’s sole Hyper Power and de-facto world leader and dominant International leadership responded passively to rescue Somali people. Although the US Government has recently recognized the present Somali Government, we believe that more could have been done given the power of USA. A Persian proverb said “The King has many eyes and many ears”.

Today USA is king of world and has many ears and many eyes, with its resources and powerful intelligence agencies; they never listen to Somali concern and grieve. It is narrated that in the 1970s in one School in remote village, a teacher asked his pupil “Which is nearer to Somalia, America or the Sun?

The seven-year old pupil replied “of course the sun is nearer to us because we can see the sun but we never saw America”. Again the teacher asked, “Americans and Chinese who is sincere friend to Somali people? Another pupil replied: “my mother, who was ill, was treated humanely by a Chinese doctor and she recovered well”. There is no doubt that the US has neglected Somalia over many years and whatever Aid it gave to Somalia it provided through the UN Aid agencies. Despite US evaded duty toward Somalia, there is a deception from UN and its bureaucratic agencies as well as the so-called international NGOs.

In the last quarter century, international mass-media nicknamed Somalia: a country of refugee, a country of famine, a country of terrorist, a country of piracy, a country of NGO, a country of bogus projects, a country of maladministration and corruption, failed state etc, etc. Moreover, the International Mafia hijacked Somali destine and they act as Good-Samaritans Beasts rescued domestic animals and act as follows metaphorically:

 Can lion be caretaker of camels?
Can hyena be caretaker of cattle?
Can tiger be caretaker of gazelle?
Can fox be caretaker of lambs?
Can raccoon be caretaker of chicken?
Can cat be caretaker of rats?
Can termite be caretaker of woods?

The above questions and their ironic meaning is that the wild beast can take the role of guardians for the domestic animals, exactly in the same way as may reflect the real opposite meaning of the international community working today in Somalia as Aid Agencies on humanitarian grounds. From fire to frying pan is that workshop for FGM or AIDS awareness or contraception for family planning projects can touch the reality on the grounds in Somalia today? Can these projects be helpful to the current situation and change the lives of thousands of Somali vulnerable who have been enduring all forms of social agonies for the last 22 years of anarchy condition? Can FGM and contraceptive pills be the right project to address the appalling condition of Somali people today?

Currently, there are over 200 International Aid Agencies working in Somalia, but they are based in Nairobi residing five star hotels and luxurious riverside compounds. Except workshops of ridicules vain projects; is there any locality in Somalia whereby the activities of these Aid Agencies are visible? To add insult the injury, are they all working on Intelligence Network activities? Or to look it from the right angle, are they working on invisible developmental projects which can be useful to the next generation of neighbouring countries. To whom these Aid Agencies are accountable to? Who can unmask the real purpose behind screen?  Does 10% of total aid from donors allocated to Somali people reach the field destination?

Unfortunately, Somalia has been indirectly governed by international Mafia over the last 22 years. Panhandle agencies working in Somalia as aid workers are part of the problem and are contributing negatively to the unending chronic dispute among Somali factions. They add fuel to the fire and promote sinister plan based on “divide and rule” in order to keep Somalia stateless forever.

Millions of dollars that the world had donated to Somalia, plus a number of national assets including ships and civilian aircraft as well as other valuable equipment were looted. We have been let down by the International Community and feel like being robbed by remorseless thieves. We desperately need sincere international audits for accountability. On 13th May 2013 UN-ICAO transferred part of aviation jurisdiction to Somali Government, but what about the past. Over the last 22 years, the UN formed agency “Civil Aviation Caretaker Authority for Somalia” based in Nairobi, has been handling the aviation service of Somalia, yearly they collect from Somalia airspace huge revenue estimated at millions US dollars as royalty, no one knows where these money ended up. Nowadays Western countries are very busy on how to uproot what the biased media branded as Somali Piracy but locally known as “fighters for survival” but the whole world is looking blind eye to what we call “airspace piracy” and foreign ships dumping waste toxic in our seas and illegal fishing as well as disaster desertification encouraged by the Arab Gulf Countries and charcoal exported to Middle East. “Col ku dhac oo tuugo ku ciidamisay = Robbery victims assisted by thieves”

An old wisdom has said that two strong men caught a Satan and they threatened him “we will kill you by choking” the Satan said “if you choke me I will produce worse than me. They choked him and then the Satan vomited disease. The second time they choked, he vomited drought. Third time they choked and then the Satan vomited poisonous thorny tree. Having realized their mistake they stopped choking the Satan. This anecdote teaches us a lesson: From 1977 the world has choked Somali people. The first effect from this choke was exodus of refugee and human trafficking. The second product was famine and drought. The third product was the work of fanatic elements boys of Al-Shabaab linked to al-Qaed. The fourth product was greedy guys of piracy. If Somalia is choked for a fifth time, the result will probably be Nuclear Bomb which can wipe out the entire human being, because there is plenty Uranium in Central Regions of Somalia.

During the last 60 years whilst Russia and China won Somali public confidence, conversely, the West never succeed to win the hearts and minds of Somali people, instead of capturing people’s will, they create unfriendly atmosphere. West’s sinister plan and negligent evaded international responsibility toward Somali debacle caused severe catastrophic plight to the Somali society. Thus many Somali youth easily accepted fundamentalism doctrine and hated Western ambiguous ill faith culture. Furthermore Somali historians “middle aged persons like me” still remember the golden days and how Eastern Bloc built our country honestly and the famous slogan “Allow Ruush ama Roob = Oh Allah either Russian or rain, as national anthem”. Still we remember developmental projects implemented by Russia and China and their generosity. A friend in need is friend indeed. Time is best teacher who distinguishes friend from foe. Premier Tayib Erdogan’s historic trip to famine camps in Somalia will remain forever in the memoirs of Somali people and it seems that Turkey will replace Russia and China. Centuries ago, Somali poet said:

Nin i xooray maalintaan xumaa amse xaasoobay,
Ku xilli’i maalintaan xoog iyo xoolo leeyahay
“Person who neglected me the hardship needy days 
I won’t bother good days of wealthy and ability”

Without deviating further from the main point, unless US and West act now and set-up concrete tangible plan to rescue Somali people, the majority of Somali ethnic roughly (50%) wherever they are, will become religious fanatics and ardent supporter of Shabaab. Please revise Somali dossier in your office faithfully and stop double standard policy and hidden agenda, for instance the millions of dollars that you are spending in anti-piracy warships stationed in Indian Ocean, kindly allocate only 10% to Somali Coast Guard and local police force, in exchange for guarantee of no more piracy. Piracy is inland problem not high-seas problem.

Similar the millions of dollars that you are spending on AMISOM forces stationed in Southern Somalia please allocate only 10% of the funds to Somali army; it is guaranteed that, within short period of time, they will restore the stability. The former golden days when Soviet Union trained Somali army, they were called the Best Black army or African Tigers. Regarding the current semi-disaster situation “drought and merciless so-called religious war” Somalia does not need stockpile of weapons in AMISOM hands and fruitless Federal system implementation, but desperately needs effective reconstruction and rehabilitation programmes. I know that this issue is raised many times by Somali scholars, but my aim is to remind the world that international community is watching carelessly the semi-genocide acts that are taking place in Southern Somalia for the last 22 years.

Samuel Huntington the author of “Clash of civilizations” wrote in his book “Haiti and Somalia” are phenomena without next kin. This is a valid  assertion, based on truth because it seems that, Somali people are cursed seclude creature, not member of human family because in 19th century, the colonialists dismembered Somali people and divided into five portions and now another conspiracy is taking shape to divide Somali Republic into the so-called loose Federal mini-states of tribal-lands. Whatever happened in the past, please open now a new chapter and treat Somali people as human being and what you are cooking behind the curtain please put on the table, because 22 years of punishment is enough to Somali people, enough is enough. Sure all humiliation nicknames and anarchy will vanish forever and Somalia will stand its own feet soon.

Abdulkadir Osman “Aroma” –

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Daawo Sida loo doortay Axmed Madoobe iyo Barre Hiiraalle”Aniga ayaa La ii Doortay Jubba Land.”


Warka kasoo yeeray Barre Hiiraale ayaa kusoo aadaya xilli Axmed Madoobe uu dhankiisa kismaayo kaga dhawaaqay in uu yahay madaxweynaha maamul goboleedka Jubbaland.





Xili Maanta Axmed Madoobe uu ku dhawaaqay in Loo doortay madaxweynaha Jubba land ayaa dhanka kale Barre Aadan Shire Bare Hiiraale oo ku sugan Kismaayo wareysi uu siiyay Idaacada Alfurqaan ku sheegay isna in loo doortay madaxweynaha Jubba land.

Idaacada Alfurqaan ku sheegay isna in loo doortay madaxweynaha Jubba land.

Bare ayaa sheegay in Shan boqol oo qof oo shacabka iyo odayaasha Kismaayo ah  ku doorteen Magaalada Kismaayo.

Wuxuu sheegay inuu soo dhisayo Maamul isagoo tibaaxay inuu taageersanyahay Dowladda Federaalka.


Xaalada Kismaayo ayaa caawa kacsan waxaana laga baqdin qabaa in dagaal uu ka dhaco maadaama laba madaxweyne ay yeelatay.

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Waji Gabaxii Kismaayo.!!!`Qore:- Aqoonyahan Saciid Islaam

25787879 Waxa Ay mahad u sugnaatay  Alle Subxaana Watcalaa  ee ka nasahan waxa walbo xumaan ah una wali ah wanaaga iyo  xasanaad walba waxana alle  weydiisana waxa wanaag ah ee aan asiibo in alle igu  sugo waxii  Qalad ahna ee iga dhaco iga saamaxo  wallow  aan ehel u eheen ka hadalka  ama wax ka qorista  waxa taagan Dalkeen balsa igu kaliftay in an wax ka qoro markaan aan u adkeesan wayay waxa ka dhacaa dalkeena tasoo wajib ku ah qof walbo sida u wax ugu sheegi karo Ummada somaaliyeed in uu ugu sheego.

Horay baan qeybtii  kowaad kaga soo hadlay  Maqaalkaan an ugu Magac Daray Waji Gabaxii Kismaayo kadib markii wafdi u hogaaminaa Raisalwasaaraha Dowladda Fadraalka Saacid Shirdoon uu kala soo kulmay magaalada Kismaayo Guuldaro ka dhan ah safarkiisii uu ku tagay ka dhaadhicinta  kooxda  hada ku sugan magalada kismaayo in ay hoos tagaan maamulka Xamar ka jiro walow ay aakhirkii ku dhamatay  Fashil iyo  is fahanwaa lagu sii kala fogaaday.

Hadaba  anoo ka hana qaadaa qeybtidii  Koowaad manta waxan jecleestay in an wax ka qoro  is badalka ama heerka u sii garaa Khilaafka dhanka Siyaasaded e u dhaxeeyo Muqdisho Iyo Kismaayo  tasoo sababtay in 2dii malin aan soo dhaafnay  laga soo celiyo magalada kismayo Wafuud ay Dowladda Fadaraalka Ka dirtay Magalada Muqdisho kuwasoo  ka koobnaa  ragg horay u soo noqday  Xildhibaano Xilikii  dowladihii Kumeel Gaarka  iyo Siyaasiyiin kale oo la sheegay in ay Ka soo jeedaan Gobalkaasi   balsa lagu amray Duuliyihii diyaaradii Siday  In ay hawada ka laabto oo ay ku noqoto halkii ay ka timid .

Soo celinta  wafdiga  laga diray  magalada muqdsiho aya waxa si weyn ay u muujineesa  tabaryarida maamul darada  dowladda fadaraalka  ee dhanka  Jubbooyinka  walow awal shacabka  soomaliyeed ay horay ugu digeen soo galintaankii  Ciidamada Galada Kenya oo ay qabsadeen Qeyba ka mid ah  Jubboyinka qasatan magalada Kismaayo.

Mid ka mid ah  Siyaasiyiintii laga soo celiyay  magalada kismayo  oo magalada muqdisho kula hadlayay Saxafada ayaa  yiri sidaan asoo careesan ( Anigu Waxaan Kala Garan Wayay  In Kismaayo Ay Leedahay Ummada Soomaliyeed Iyo In ay Leedahay Dowladda Kenya  . Anigii Ku Dhashay Baa la Iga Soo Celiyay  Waxuuna Intaas Sii Raaciyay in Ay Ka sugayaan Dowladda Fadaraalka in Ay cadeeso Mowqifkeeda ku aadan Ciidamada  Kenya )

Qof Walboo Dhageesto Hadalka Luga dheere waxa u soo baxee in Kismayo aysan gacan ugu jirin  kooxda fadhikeeda yahay Villa Soomaliya  uu madaxda ka yahay Xasan Sheekh.

Hadaba   Maxa Keenay  Xilkaan   Qeyla dhaanta  Luga dheere In uu Si Toos ah u Sheego  In Kismayo Ay Ka Baxday Gacantii  Dowladda Fadaraalka ee Fadhikeeda Yahau  Magalada .?

1 : In ay toos  u cadatay in an kismaayo  laga ogoleen amarada ka so baxo Villa somaliya

2 : in ciidamada Kenya ee ku sugan kismayo ay ka madax banan yahiin  ciidamada kale ee lo huwiyaya magaca  Amisom

3 : Maamulka  Axmed Madoobe oo u argo in uu garab ka hesto  Dowladda Kenya

4 : Kenya oo si cad u shegtay in an kulbiyow laga xukumi doonin Mardabe Caasimada Soomaliya

5: Iyo  tan ugu weyn o ah  in maamulka uu madaxda u yahay Axmed Madoobe oo u argo ayagu in ay xaq u layehiin maamul u sameynta wax loogu magac daray Jubbooyinka  iyo Gedo  tasoo ay ka biya diiden  kooxda  fadhikeeda yahay magalada Muqdisho.

Qodobada an soo shegay oo saldhig kowaad u ah khilaafka kismayo  ama waji gabax kismayo ee mar walba ku dhaco kooxda Xamar walow  waxii shalay lagu  sirayay shacabka soomaliyeed ay manta soo cadaanayaan hadii lala lahaa Kenya wa dowladd na tageree  oo naga saree  dagaalyahanada Xarkadda Shabab Mujahidiin.

Aqristoo  Hadii shalay  Meel Walba lala Tagnaa  Kenya Waa Ciidan Na Kaalmeenaa Maxaa Manta Is Badalay oo Loo Dhaha Kenya Waa Qabstay Kismaayo ?

Waxaan filaa dad badan oo aqristayaasha ah ama  caqliga saliimka saxiib u ah in marka ay su’aashaasi ku maaxdo qalbikooda ay u cadahay in waxaii shalay lagu hishiiyay ay eheed uun la dagaalanka maamulkii Magaalada kismayo ka taliyay  ee ku dhisanaa ku dhaqanka sharecada Islaamka mesha  mar laga saaro  lakiin aysan ayagu is rabin wa kenya oo garab ka helee kooxda axmed madoobe iyo  kooxda fadhikeedu yahay  magalada muqdisho.

Gab Gabada Tulucda  hadalkeyga

Dadka soomaaliyeed o ah dad  inta badan aan wax qorin lakiin wax ku cabiro hadalka ama gabayda iyo aragtida ayaa waxa horay loga soo xigtay  labadii xaq daro ku hishiiso waxa isku diro xaqa tasoo manta cadeynee cadowgii shalay ku soo wada duulay magalada Kismaayo in ay isla ayagii is cunayaan manta oo midba midka kale ka celinaa magaladii kismaayo   waxan sabab u ah waa markii ay la dagaalameen kitaabkii alle ee lagu dhaqayay  gobalada Jubbooyinka

Fariin Ku Socoto  Kooxda Villa Soomaliya Fadhiso

Hadad shalay ba shegeten   in kismayo la idiin xoreyna Mantana Aad gaari weyseen  waxaa halka ka cada in aysan tala idin kugu jirin gacane  iska tanasula fikirkaan xun ee ku saleesan u adeegista galada aad dalka ku soo hogaamineesan  oo ka towba keena cafisna weydiista umada Muslimiinta ee somaliyeed ee shalay xasuuqeen diyaaradaha dowladda kenya  waxaan hubaal ah cid walba oo gumestaha soo horkacdo aaqirka ayagoo  feylyaha Goyaa wana wxa manta  idin ka hesto  Galitaankii  magalada kismayo iskaba daa maamula aad kaga dhawaaqdaan magalada muqdisho oo inta tago kismaayo ka shaqeyo.

La Soco Qeybaha Kale Isha ALLAH
F.g  Waxii  Tala iyo Tusale ah iigu  so gudbi Fikirkaga Ku aadan Maqaalkeyga Si Aan  u kaashado argtidada


W/Q . Saciid Islaam.

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MOQDISHO IYO MOOSHINO:-Mooshin ma lagu ridi karaa Xukuumada Tabarta Yar ee Xasan Gurguurte?

25782380Mooshin ka dhan ah Xukuumada Soomaaliya ayaa ka socda magaalada Muqdisho, iyadoo shirar gaar gaar ah iyo xod xodasho badan ay ka dhex socoto Baarlamaanka Mahiiga  gudihiisa, kaasoo lagu xoojinayo Mooshinka.

Sida ay sheegayaan wararka mooshinkan ayaa waxaa ilaa iyo hada saxiixay in ka badan 130 xildhibaanada Barlamaanka Mahiiga, kuwaasoo awood u siineysa inay Gudoonka baarlamaanka horgeeyaan mooshin miisaankiisa culus yahay.

Qaar ka mid ah Hotelada Muqdisho ayaa ka socda shirarka looga arrinsanayo mooshinada, waxaana wararka qaar sheegayaan inuu bar bar socdo mooshin kale oo ka dhan ah Gudoonka Baarlamaanka.

Wararka qaar ayaa sheegaya in magaalada Nairobi ay si la mid ah uga socoto ololahan ka dhanka ah Xukuumada.

Mid ka mid ah Xildhibaanada baarlamaanka oo la hadlay Wariyayaasha ayaa sheegay in habeen iyo maalin hoteleada ay ka socdaan shirar ku saabsan arrintan, isla markaana ay bar bar socoto balan qaadyo Xildhibaanada loo sameynayo, laguna soo jiidanayo.

Ololahan ka dhanka ah Xukuumada ayaa waxaa horboodaya Xildhibaano ku caan baxay abaabulka barnaamijyada mooshinada, waxaana arrintan ay noqotay durba hadal heynta ugu badan ee ka taagan magaalada.

War shalay si wada jir ah uga soo baxay Maamulada Puntland iyo Galmudug ayaa waxay kaga digeen mooshinadan oo si xowli ku socda, isla markaana ku baaqay in aan baarlamaanka laga dhex abuurin kala qeybsanaan.

Waxaa maanta aad u qeyliayay kuwa lacagta shubto  waa odyaasha sheegta inay wakiil ka yihiin Beelaha Hawiye, oo mudooyinkan  danbe  dab ka hurinayay dadka Soomliyeed  dhexdooda,waxayna si toos u difaaceen saacid Shirdoon oo  Mooshin laga keenay.

Khilaaf xoogan ayaa soo kala dhaxgalay madaxda DF-ka kaasi oo ku aadan dhanka maamulka iyo dhaqaale lalunsaday,waxaa beenoobay balan qaad uu bilo ka hor bixiyay xasan sheekh oo ahaa “aniga iyo R/wasaaraha isma khilaafi doono”.

Khilaafka u dhexeeya Saacid iyo Xasan Sheekh ayaa maalmihii lasoo dhaafay sii xoogeysanayay,socdaal uu Saacid ku maray qaar katirsan gobolada dalka ayaa ka careysiisay xasan sheekh,madaxda DF-ka ayaa caan ku ah in ay iska geeyaan mooshinno.

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KISMAAYO:-Ismaaciil Haaruun: “ Fashil ayey ku Dhamaan Doonaan Qorshayaasha ay Gaaladu ka Wado Kismaayo”

25780708Ismaaciil Haaruun oo kamid ah wax garadka Jubooyinka ayaa sheegay in bulshadu u diyaarsantahay fashilinta iyo ka hor tagga nidaamka maqaar saarka ah ee ay gaalado ka sameynayaan magaalada Kismaayo.

Nabadoonka ayaa sheegay in wax ka socda Kismaayo yihiin wadiiqadii ay gaaladu u mari lahaayeen qabsashada wadanka, kala qeybinta ummada iyo gurashada kheyraadka dalka.


Halkan Ka Dhageyso Hadalka Ismaaciil Haaruun


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MAQAAL:-Xassan Shiikh iyo Faroole Midna Uma Dhalan Jubooyinka ee Xagee Wax ka Khaldanyihiin?.

ن الحمد لله نحمده ونستعينه ، ونعوذ بالله من شرور أنفسنا ومن سيئات أعمالنا من يهده الله فلا مضل ومن يضلل فلا هادي له ، وأشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له وأشهد أن محمدا عبده ورسوله صلى الله عليه وعلى آله وأصحابه وسلم تسليما كثيرا أما بعد
Bacdal salaanta iyo iftitaaxa kadib waxan kaloo salaan khusuus ah udirayaa dhamaan Mujaahidiinta qori iyo qalinlaydaba.
Hordhac gaaban:
Xaalada Soomaaliya waayadan waxay noqotay margi hadba dhankii loo jiido ujiidma, dalku wuxuu soo maray marxalado iyo xaalado kala duwan, balse waxan jeclahay inaan taabto xaalada raahinka ah ee hada taagan taas oo qofwalba oo garaad leh uu ujeedo balse dadku qaar ay garan la’yihiin meesha ay ujiidi lahaayeen.
Aafada koobaad ee Soomaaliya ku habsatay waxay noqotay qabyaalad quruntay oo marba waji yeelanaysa qubxigeeduna uu kasii darayo, qabyaalada soomaalidu waa mid aan sal lahayn meelay usocotona aysan garanayn dadka wada, xalkeedana in badan waa la sheegay balse waxad umoodaa in dhagaha laga furaysanayo.
Intii ay soomaali jirtay waxaa la isku dayey kumanaan nidaam kuwaas oo la islahaa waa lagu liibaanaya waxayna xal unoqonayaan ka hortag qabiil balse midkasta waxay ku dambeysaa ama ka soo ifbaxda afaafkeeda hore qabyaalad quruntay kadibna wayba duntaa, nidaamyadaas waxay isugu jireen kuwa la dhisay xiliyadii jaahiliga ee hore iyo kuwa ladhisay hada oo xiligan xaadirka ah intaas oo dhami way ka sal gaari waayeen inay ka dhigaan nidaam alle iyo rasuulkiisa raali galiya dariiqii saxda ahaana ku dhaca akhiirana waxay ku dambeeyaan inay burburaan.
Hadaba waayadii dambe gaar ahaan 2006 wixii ka dambeeyay waxaa la isku dayey nidaam umadan mideeya kana saara qabyaalada kana jeediya cadaawada ay isku hayaan dhexdooda una jeediya cadowga ka baxsan ee beera oo baxnaaniya qabyaalada, nidaamkaasna maaha nidaam kale ee waa nidaamkii islaamiga ahaa ee dhamaystirnaa ee calankiisa iyo nidaamkiisa dawladeed watay ee caalamku markuu arkay inuu malab saafi ah yahay uqayla dhaantay in lala diriro.
Dulucda Ujeedkayga:
Hadaba aan usoo dhaadhaco dulucda hadalkayga, dagaalka qabiil ee soomaalidu ay ku jirtay waa mid facwayn xili horana soo bilaabanaya marxalada kala duwana soo maray balse qabyaaladaas xiliga kaliya ee laga waayey saaxada Soomaaliya waxay ahayd 2006 ilaa 2013 oo ah sanadkan bilowgiisa, waxaana ugu wacan qofkastaana uu dareemi karaa nidaamkii islaamiga ahaa ee ka hana qaaday koonfurta soomaaliya kaas oo tusay waxyaalo badan oo ay ka caajiseen cuquul badan oo sheegtay qimmo iyo rifco, nidaamkaas islaamiga ah wuxuu umada ka mashquuliyay wax la dhaho qabyaalad wuxuuno usoo jeediyay inay ku mashquulaan 30 jus ee quraanka iyo kumanaanta xadiis ee rasuulkeena  صلى الله عليه وسلم, iyadoo markii la arkay nidaamkaas saafi nimadiisa iyo macaankiisa loogu dhaqaaqay waji xumayn iyo dagaal af iyo adin ah si mar uun saaxada looga saaro, waxan dhihi karaa xiligaas aan sheegay afka soomaalida wax kale waa laga waayey aan ka ahayn nidaamkaas islaamiga ah.
Nidaamkii islaamiga ahaa meelaha qaar markuu ka baxay maxaa dhacay?
Markii nidaamka islaamiga ah lagala dagaalay cir dhul iyo bad sidoo kalena lagula dagaalamay af iyo adin waxay walaaluhu uga baxee gobolada qaar kadiban waxaa bilowday inay soo noqoto tii la ilaaway ee qurmuunayd waana taa aad maanta ujeedaan inay marayso meeshii ugu xumayd qofkastana makhraati ka yahay.
Dulucdayda hadalku hada waxay udhacaysaa Jubooyinka oo noqotay (?) calaamatu su’aal meel loo jiido lagaran la’yahay waxaa isku hardinayo beelo mudo kala maqnaa oo aan afka isku taagin waxaadna ogaataan in walaalaha mujaahidiintu ku kala dhex jireen la’aantoodna ay soo noqotay iyadoo ka qurmuun tii hore.
Si kasta oo loo caayey walaalaha mujaahidiinta si kasta oo loola diriray walaalaha mujaahidiinta wili waa kuwo ay tabayaan quluubta dadka mustadcafiinta ah ayna necebyihiin quluubta dadka kibray ee ubaahan in kibirka laga jabiyo, wili mujaahidiintu waa kuwa xayiray quluubta munaafaq kasta iyo gaal kasta wilina waa kuwa ay sugayaan walaalo badan oo dhiban.
Kismaayo waa meesha qabyaaladii 1991 soo celisay hada oo ah 2013 waxaana isku hardinaya dad aan lahayn waligoodna arkin balse aad dareemayso sababta ay isugu hardinayaan inaysan ahayn dhalasho ee ay tahay tii qurmuunayd, xassan shiikh uma dhalan kismaayo lagana yaabaa inuusan waligiis cag dhigin faroolana sidoo kale uma dhalan kismaayo lagana yaabaa inuusan cag soo dhigin hadana ay isku dagaalayaan sidii in mandheertooda ay ku duugantahay.
Qofkasta ha ogaado arinta jubooyinka la isku haysto maaha deegaan ee waa qabyaalad wiliba tii ugu xumayd, waxaana is waydiin leh ilaa hada inta shaashadaha kasoo muuqda ee leh maya iyo haa midna umaysan dhalan markii dhab ahaan laga hadlo ee mid kasta wuxuu udifaacanayaa reer hebel nasiib muxuu ugu yeelan waayey iyo anagaa kismaayo leh iyo anagaa jubooyinka dagna.
Dhamaan inta isku hardinaysa jubooyinka iyo kismaayo waxaa dhabarka kasoo taabanaya gaalo iyo reer galbeedka waxaana la doonayaa in la isku jabiyo ayna soomaaliya markale gasho dagaal qabiileed oo la faarujiyo dalka kadibna lala wareego, balse in badan oo soomaalida ah waxay dhahaan “maxaa gaalada iyo dariska iyo reer galbeedka eeda loo saaraa waxay eed leeyihiin majirto ee anagaa is dulminay oo dhexdeena ma dhaafsiisna” dadka fikradaas aaminsan oo ay ku jiraan kuwo culimo sheeganaya waxan leeyahay bal waa taa taagane fariisiya oo xal ka gaara, hadaan indhaha iska xirno dhaguhu indha noo noqon mayaan.
Dad badan waxay is waydiinayaan waagii ay walaaluhu joogeen koonfurta arintaan majirin ee xagee ka timi balse jawaabta hadaan isku dayo waxan leeyahay xal kale oo umadan ay ku nasan karto kuna nadoonaan karto majiro aan ka ahayn nidaamkaas islaamiga ah ee kitaabka iyo sunada inaan ku dhagno badiilna udiidno.
Waxaa layaab leh in culimadii sheeganaysa islaaxa iyo xalka umadan ay maanta hor boodayaan qabyaaladii ay guryaha iyo misaajida la fadhiyaan reer hebel hadaynan iska dhicin sharaf nooma harin culimadaas waxan leeyahay والله خبتم وخسرتم wajigiina baa baas beelay wajigii baa idin ka gubtay hadaad garan la’dihiin meel aad wax udhaqaajisaan, balse ilaahay haduu idmo wad ka sii fadeexoobaysaan intaan in ka badan umaduna waxay idinku jiid jiidi doontaa wadooyinka, inta xoolaha umada luuq ugashaaan oo ku safartaan hadhow waxad ka hadashaan dhiig baa ladaadiyay anigu waxan idin leeyahay dhiiga ladaadiyay idinkaa caba oo faleembayaal ku xirta, Ictisaam maanta waxay ka badin waayeen in nin walbaa qabiilkiisa inta utago uu ka baryo inuu jago helo, shakuul ilaa hada guryo qabyo ah iyo qaar lacagtii uu ka qaaday oo uusan bilaabin ayuu Kismaayo iska xaadiriyay  oo lacagtii dadka uu kasoo dhacay buu maalinkasta boqol kun oo shilling somali ah qaybinayaa uuna rabaa inuu isku soo sharaxo, isaga kaliyana maaha waxan dhihi karaa inta hoosta ka cunta baa ka badan inta calaniga usoo bandhigta. umadii waad khasaariseen sunno foolxun baad u horseedeen wana la idin ka jaasayn doonaa waxad gaysateen oo dhan waxana ugu daran suurad xumaynta culimada iyo diinta iyo cizigii umadan ay lahayd.
Maanta wax qarsoon maleh lakin mar ayaan waydiiyay qof lasocday arimahaan jubooyinka oo aad ugu tacaluqay ilaa maalintii ay mujaahidiintu ka insixaabeen waxana ku iri Jubbaland kawaran wuxuuna iigu jawaabay xal maleh waxan ku iri xagee bay ku dambaynaysaa wuxuu yiri walaahay meel ay usocoto maba aqaan waa la sitaa cid sidatana magaranayo.
Balse xaqiiqdu waxay tahay umadan xal kale maleh aan ka ahayn xalka islaamiga ah oo shafaaf ah kaas oo ay umadu ka wada qayb qaadato una istaagto difaacideeda iyo ku dhaqankeeda aana ka dayno dulduleelka iyo cayda iyo aflagaagadada markasta allaan ka barina inuu sawaabka na waafajiyo, waxaana ku taaganahay cahdiga iyo balantan alle lagalnay oo ah inaan xarigiisa ka bixin diintaana aan difaacno alle dartiisna aan udifaacno waana tan aan gaal kasta iyo munaafaq kasta aan ku noqonay “?”.
Maanta fadhi ku dirir kasta waa haysta magacyo qabiilo oo waa hore la iloobay kuwaas oo aad uqayaxan oo aan waxba laqarinaynin HAWIYE DAAROOD ISAAQ DIGIL IYO MIRIFLE iyo QABAA’ILO kale kuwaas oo aan afkaba laga qaadayn, xitaa arinta jubooyinku waxay saamayn ku yeelatay Muqdisho oo la yiri beel gaara ayaaba leh sidoo kale qabyaaladii ayaa xitaa waxay gaartay in shirar la isku raaci jiray hada lagu kala haro iyo xaflado la wada imaan jiran in la isku baneeyo.
Xalka hadii aan indhaha la isku tuurayn waa nidaam islaami ah oo matiin ah kitaabka alle iyo sunnada nabiga صلى الله عليه وسلم taas oo lagu salaynayo jihaadka ay diinteenu nafartay kaas oo aan ku ilaashanayno diinteena dalkeena iyo jiritaankeena la’aantiisana ukumaheenu ay dayacanyihiin.
Walaalayaal dhamaanteen aan ogaano hadana aad aragtaan mujaahidiintu markay baxeen in ay bilaabatay xifaltan dhoocileed aad u qurmuun taas oo raganimadii xitaa ay ka tagtay oo saxaafada lala hor yimi qabyaaladii oo qaawan oo qurmuun, walaalayaal xalku wuxuu ku jiraa kitaabka iyo qoriga, meel kalena hadaan ka raadino waan ku cirraysanaynaa xalna ka gaari mayno.
Walaalayaal mawaydan arkin in xitaa maamuladii noqdeen qabyaalad oo maanta maamul magacii hadaad sheegato aan ku leeyahay reer hebel miyaa tahay,  walaalayaal xalku wuxuu jiraa cadowga dibada ee gaalka ah iyo kan gudaha ee munaafaqa ah inaan iska dhicino oo shanteena farood iyo calaacal isaga qabano anagoo kitaabka alle midigta ku haysana korna utaagayna.
Alle waxan waydiisanayaa inuu na waafajiyo meeshii khayr noogu jiro naguna toosiyo wadada toosan Aamiin Amiin Aamiin.

W/ Qoray:  Abu-Sayaaf.
Banaadir Post.Delegation from  Somali capital Mogadishu consisting of 40 politicians & elders  has refused entry to Kismayo airport .They were turned back  by Kenya  military who is guarding the airport. The delegation was the have no permission to land.
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AKHRI:-Matt Bryden iyo Abdi Aynte oo eeh, Xassan Gurguurte Dhaqaalaha iyo Ciidamada Beesha Hawiye Kaliya ayuu Doonayaa in uu kadhigo, Barnaamij Siyaasadeedna Gacanta Kuma Hayo!.

25760672MUQDISHO:- Soomaaliya NGO ayaa xaaraan ku haysta, Nairobi ayey iska fadhiyaan waxayna lacag ka qaataan UN, markaas ayaa Ninkas wuxuu jecel yahay intuu qoro wuxuu yiraahdaa Soomaalidu sidaas ayey doonayaan ama sidaas ayey hormar ku gaarayaan, maantay Soomaaliya waa Nin Buka boqol u taliseye la sheegi jiray.

Horta Ninkaan Aqoon u la hayn Matt Bryden iyo Abdi Aynte Annaga hanaga barto, Matt Bryden Wadanka Canada ayuu kasoo jeeda, waa Nin la yiraahdo Gabar Soomaaliya ayuu qabaa garan mayno Diinta uu ku qabo iyo Gabadhaas Diinta ay haysato, waxaa la sheegaa Gabadhu in ay kasoo jeedo Gobolada Waqooyiga Soomaaliya ee hadda Somaliland loogu yeero.

Wuxuu aad u difaacaa in Somaliland ay Soomaaliya ka goosato, waa Nin kamid ahaan jiray inta aan shaqada looga cayrin isku dirka Soomaalida qoladii UN,ka ee la oran jiray Contact Group, waa Nimankii Sheekh Maxamed Cabdi Umal xiniiyaha kudhagay ee ku dari jiray warbixin ay kasoo saareen Murtadiinta Soomaaliyeed ee sheegta Siyaasiyiinta.

Abdi Aynte waa Wariyihii VOA qaybta Soomaaliga ka shaqayn jiray kadibna u wareegay Aljazeera qaybta English ka, waa Nin Soomaaliya oo Beesha Hawiye . Wuxuu kamid noqday NGO’yada Soomaaliya qasaya wuxuuna sameeyey NGO la yiraahdo,

Qoraal Mareegta Economist lagu qoray ayaa lagu sheegay Xassan Gurguurte in uu Siyaasaddii Soomaaliya ku fashilmay oo uusan haysan Barnaamij Siyaasadeed oo Shacabka Soomaaliyeed ka gadmi kara.

Matt Bryden, a Canadian who runs Sahan Research, a Somali-oriented think-tank in Nairobi, notes that “none of the work has been done towards federalism,” letting critics allege that the government is more centralist than it admits. They fret that the new security forces and police will be dominated by Mr Mohamud’s powerful Hawiye clan.

Abdi Aynte, the head of the Heritage Institute, a think-tank based in Somalia, complains that too many conspiracy theories abound. The president has no hidden agenda, he says, and “an incredibly hard job”.

“Matt Bryden oo hadda ka shaqeeya NGO baaritaanka Shacabka Soomaaliyeed ku haya, ayaa sheegay in Arinta Soomaaliya lagu dhameeyey Faderaalnimo, balse waa ku adag tahay dowladda inkastoo ay tahay dowlad dhexe sida ay sheegtaan”, Xassan Gurguurtana iyo Qabiilkiisa Hawiye waxaa gacanta ugu jira Awoodda Ciidanka cusub iyo Booliiska, Ayuu yiri, Matt Bryden”.

Sidoo kale Abdi Aynte oo madax u ah, Heritage ayaa qaba dhaliishaas in ay jirto, Xassan Gurguurtana mahayo Barnaamij Siyaasaddiisa uu kusii hogaamiyo, waxaana sugaysa howl aad u Adag ayuu yiri Abdi Aynte “.

Qormada waxaa lagu sheegay u jeedooyinka Somaliland iyo Puntland ay Xassan Gurguurte mucaaradka ugu noqdeen, Qabyaaladdii Soomaaliya ayuu Xassan Gurguurte soo celiyey, sidaan horay u sheegnay, waxaana ka socda Magaalada London Shirar Qabiilada Soomaaliyeed ay isku Afla gaadaynayaan, waxaana baraha Soomaalida qaarkood la soo dhigay Dumar si foolxun u caayaya Xassan Gurguurte oo guubaabinaya Beesha Jaalle Daarood.

Guul maantay waxaa gaaray Xarakada Mujaahidiinta Al shabaab, waxaana dhici doonta in Xassan Gurguurtana wakhtigu uu kadhamaado sidii Sharif Sheekh oo iskaga hayaamay gayiga Somaliyeed markii oo Gaalo u gacan galshay!!

Isha Warka Resource Economist 

Maxamed Xaamud 



Amnigii Moqdisho oo la soo  waayay iyo Xasan
 Gurguurte oo qarash ku bixiyay in Saacid
 Shirdoon Mooshin laga keeno!!

Gabar Somaliyed o Si kulul uga hadlaysa Dowlada Xasan Gurguurte (Sucaad Caynab)

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أَرَأَيْتَ مَنِ اتَّخَذَ إِلَهَهُ هَوَاهُ أَفَأَنْتَ تَكُونُ عَلَيْهِ وَكِيلًا(الفرقان 43).

Haddii aan aayadda cinwaanka ah si kooban u sheego macnaheeda waa sidatan:

Miyaadan arkayn midka ay hawadiisa beenta ahi u tahay Ilaahiisa uu caabudo, marka ma adiga ayaa u noqonaya qareen difaaca oo u hadla.

Culumadu siyaabo kala duwan ayay u kala macneeyeen aayaddan. Waxay u kala qaadeen labo qaybood oo kala ah أَرَأَيْتَ مَنِ اتَّخَذَ إِلَهَهُ هَوَاهُ iyo أَفَأَنْتَ تَكُونُ عَلَيْهِ وَكِيلًا qaybta hore waxay culumadu ku macneeyeen qofka hadba wixii uu jeclaysto ee la qorxoonaada caabuda oo Ilaah ka dhigta; qaybta kalena waxaa lagu macneeyey ma adiga ayaa madax xukunta ama qareen difaaca u ah.

Haddba waxaa is weydiin leh sidee lagu garan karaa ruuxa ay hawadiisa beenta ahi u tahay Ilaahiisa uu caabudo? Qofka Ilaahiisu waa waxa uu caabudo. Wuxuuna qofku caabudaa cidda uu amaradeeda u hoggaansamo. Marka haddii uu qofku Alle u hoggaansan yahay oo uu ku socdo hilinka toosan ee Eebbe noo jeexay shaki ma laha in uu Alle caabudo Ilaahiisuna yahay isaga. Hase yeeshee qofkii ku socdo cid kale amarkeeda waxaa uu caabudaa Ilaahna u ah waxaa uu ka amarka qaato.

Marka sidee lagu garnayaa in uu qofku Alle ka amar qaato ama uu cid kale ka amar qaato? Qofka Alle ka amar qaata ee uu Ilaahiisa yahay waa kan camalmiisa iyo hadalkiisba waafajiya manhajka Alle iyo sunnada rasuulka scw. Haddaba kan aan wax tix gelin ah siinin diinta Alle ee cid kale ka amar qaata ama caabuda waa qofka aan ku socon manhanjka Alle.

Waxaa kale oo is weydiin mudan qofka laga hadlayo ee hawadiisa beenta ah ka Ilaah yeeshay ma qof gaal ah baa mase waa qof muslim ah? Sida la wada garan karo kitaabka waxaa loo soo dejiyey dadka muslimiinta ah ee Alle iyo Rasuulka iyo maalinka xisaabka qiyaame rumeeya. Waxaan arrinkaas Alle noogu sheegayaa dhawrkan aaydood ee suuradda Al-Baqarah ka bilaabanto.

ذَلِكَ الْكِتَابُ لَا رَيْبَ فِيهِ هُدًى لِلْمُتَّقِينَ(2)الَّذِينَ يُؤْمِنُونَ بِالْغَيْبِ وَيُقِيمُونَ الصَّلَاةَ وَمِمَّا رَزَقْنَاهُمْ يُنْفِقُونَ(3)وَالَّذِينَ يُؤْمِنُونَ بِمَا أُنْزِلَ إِلَيْكَ وَمَا أُنْزِلَ مِنْ قَبْلِكَ وَبِالْآخِرَةِ هُمْ يُوقِنُونَ(4)أُولَئِكَ عَلَى هُدًى مِنْ رَبِّهِمْ وَأُولَئِكَ هُمُ الْمُفْلِحُونَ(5).

Sidaas darteed wuxuu kitaabku la hadlayaa dadka muslimiinta ah, waana iyaga kuwa looga digayo in ay hawadooda beenta ah ka dhigtaan Ilaahooda ay caabudaan.

Haddaba sidee ruux muslim ahi uu hawadiisa beenta ah uga dhigan karaa Ilaahiisa uu caabudo?

Laba nin oo walaalo ah ayaa waxay isku dayeen nin u yimid oo la jooga in ay ugu aaraan nin ciddooda ahaa oo loo haysto ninkan u yimid ciddiisa. Hase yeeshee Alle agtiisa waxaa u dhigan ninka la rabo in ay labada nin dilaan in uusan dhimanayn waxna gaadhsiinayn uuna noolaanayo intii uu Alle ugu talada galay oo isaga Alle ah mooyee cid kale aqoonin. Ninkii ma aanay dilin wax dhaawac ahna haba yaraatee ma gaadhsiinin wuuna ka fakaday.

Marka way muuqataa in aanay labadaas nin ku talo gelin ayna rumaysnayn wax qorshe Alle ahba. Nimankaas caqligooda ayaa wuxuu tusay in ninku dagan yahay cid ka celinaysaana jirin ayna dili karaan, mana iska saar hoodh cadaab Alle wax Alle ka cabsi ah oo ku soo dhacay madaxoodana ma jiro. Marka ninankaasi waxay ku socdaan hawadooda beenta ah wax xaq ahna kuma socdaan. Waxay nimankaasi ku socdaan hawadooda ee wax Alle shaqo ku lee yahay kuma socdaan. Sidaas ayay aayaddani u haysataan una yihiin kuwo hawadooda caabuda oo ay Ilaah u tahay.

Matal waxaad arkaysaan dawlad dejisay qorshe ay ku horumariso shacabkeeda iyo dalkeeda oo aan waafaqsanayn sidii uu Alle u jaan gooyey in lagu gaadho horumar iyo barwaaqo. Dawladdaas waxaa u ah Ilaaha ay caabuddo cidda ay qorshaha harumarinta ka soo xigatay. Markaas haddii aanay Alle ka soo xigan hawadeeda beenta ah ayay ku socotaa oo u ah Ilaaha ay caabudaan.

Tusaale kale qabiil ayaa wuxuu isku xidhayaa xadhko fara badan si uu qabiil kale ugaga hor maro xag dhaqaale, tacliin iyo maskabba. Wuxuuna arrinkaas la kaashanaayaa Alle mooyee cid kale. Qabiilkaasi wuxuu caabudayaa oo Ilaah u ah ciddaas uu tubteeda ku socdo. Sidaas darteed qabiilkaas hawadiisa ayaa u ah Ilaahiisa uu caabudo.

Waxaa tusaalooyinkaas aan soo qaatay ka muuqata in uu qofku u dhaqmayo sidii uu isagu wax kasta gacantiisa ku fushan karo oo si alla sidii uu doono yeeli karo. Hase yeeshee wuxuu Alle si cad noogu sheegay in aanay wax awood ah lahayn ee uu nooogu talo galay in aynu caabudno oo kaliya. Markii aynu isaga caabudno ayuu wax alla wixii aynu doonayno na siinayaa dhibaato oo dhanna isagu naga badbaadinayaa waayo innagu ma lihin awood aynu dhibaato isaga badbaadinno.

Wuxuu Alle aayaddiisan kariimka ah noogu sheegayaa in kuwa ay dadku meeshii Alle ka caabudayaan si kasta oo ay isu kaashadaan aanay abuurin duqsi, wax kale iska dhaaf eh haddii uu duqsigu wax ka dafo kama soo ridan karaan….

يَاأَيُّهَا النَّاسُ ضُرِبَ مَثَلٌ فَاسْتَمِعُوا لَهُ إِنَّ الَّذِينَ تَدْعُونَ مِنْ دُونِ اللَّهِ لَنْ يَخْلُقُوا ذُبَابًا وَلَوِ اجْتَمَعُوا لَهُ وَإِنْ يَسْلُبْهُمُ الذُّبَابُ شَيْئًا لَا يَسْتَنْقِذُوهُ مِنْهُ ضَعُفَ الطَّالِبُ وَالْمَطْلُوبُ(الحج 73).

Marka qofka Alle sidaas noogu sheegay in uusan awood lahayn ayaa meel kasta la taagan wax baan jac iyo mac ka soo siinayaa. Qofkaas iska dhiga in uu awood lee yahay ayaa hawadiisu u tahay Ilaaha uu caabudo.

Wuxuu kale oo Ilaah si cad noogu sheegay in uu noo abuurtay in aynu caabudno oo keliya, marka haddii aynu ka dhabaynno cibaadada wuxuu noo ballan qaaday in wax alla wixii aynu doonaynno ee khayr noo ah uu farta naga saaro.

وَيَا قَوْمِ اسْتَغْفِرُوا رَبَّكُمْ ثُمَّ تُوبُوا إِلَيْهِ يُرْسِلِ السَّمَاءَ عَلَيْكُمْ مِدْرَارًا وَيَزِدْكُمْ قُوَّةً إِلَى قُوَّتِكُمْ وَلَا تَتَوَلَّوْا مُجْرِمِينَ(هود 52).

Nebi Huud ayaa dadkiisii ku leh dadkaygiiyaw Eebihiin dembi dhaaf weydiista  ka dibna xumaha ka soo laabta oo isaga u toobad keena, wuxuu idiinku abaal gudayaa in uu cirka idiinka soo da’siiyo roob kadabkii aad ku noolaan lahaydeen idiin soo saara arrimihiinna oo dhanna wuu idiin fududaynayaa meel aydaan ka filayn ayuuna idinka kadbayaa.

Saddexdan aayadoodna waxaa ka muuqata in uu nebi Nuux uu dadkiisa u sheegay in haddii ay soo islaamaan markii ay dembi galaanna ka toobad keenaan uu Alle wax alla wixii khayr ah oo dhan siinayo.

Marka dadka hawadoodu Ilaaha ay caabudaan u tahay kuwa hadalkooda iyo ficilkoodaba ay ka muuqato in uu isagu isku tashanayo iskana dhigaya in uu adduunku ku lee yahay tasaruf ee la moodo markii aad u fiirsato sida uu u hadlayo iyo sida uu u dhaqmayaba in uu isagu Ilaah isu yahay.

يُرْسِلِ السَّمَاءَ عَلَيْكُمْ مِدْرَارًا(نوح 11). وَيُمْدِدْكُمْ بِأَمْوَالٍ وَبَنِينَ وَيَجْعَلْ لَكُمْ جَنَّاتٍ وَيَجْعَلْ لَكُمْ أَنْهَارًا(نوح 12). مَا لَكُمْ لَا تَرْجُونَ لِلَّهِ وَقَارًا(نوح 13).


Ruux waliba mar kasta oo uu dembi gelayo rabitaankeeda naftiisa, qoyskiisa, qabiilkiisa, dawladiisa ama saaxibadiisa ayuu u hamraday iyagaas ayaana markaasna u noqonaya Ilaaha uu caabudayo.

Walaalayaal Allena Ilaahnimadiisa u dhaafa idinkuna addoon u ahaanshaha Alle ha idin deeqdo. Waxa aydaan shaqo ku lahaynna ha ku toobad seegina. Qofna qof wax ma yeeli karo idanka Alle ka sokow,

Haddii dadku sidaas garto dhibaatada ummad ahaan nahaysa Alle ayaa suulin kara ee innagu Soomaali ahaan waxba kama qaban karno. Markii aynu qaadanno kitaabka kuna dhaqanno wanaagna samaynno ayuu Alle wax kasta oo aynu u dhaqaaqno iyo ka badanba na siinayaa.

OMER SULEIMAN ALI                                                     10/05/13.


Banaadir Post.

AKHRI OO DHAGEYSO:-C/Xakiin Xaaji Maxmuud Fiqi oo Sheegtay inaysan awoodin Raashiinka iyo Mushaaraadka Maleeshiyaadka Dowlada!

25739680 Wasiirka gaashaandhiga xukuumada saacid C/Xakiin Xaaji Maxmuud Fiqi oo la hadlayay warbaahinta ayaa waxaa uu shaaca ka qaaday inay jiraan daroof dhaqaale oo haysata Maleeshiyaadka Dowlada .

Fiqi waxaa uu intaasi ku daray in sidaasi daraadeedana aysan awoodin inay bixiyaan raashiinka dhamaan maleeshiyaadkooda iyo mushaarkii ay qaadan lahaayeen balse uu sheegay inay ku dadaalidoonaan inay raashiinkooda ay meel u saaraan mar dhowna lacago loo raadindoono.

Waxaa kaloo uu intaasi ku daray  inay ciidamadoodu ay haysato daruufo dhanka rasaasta ah ilaa intii Qaramada midoobayna ay qaaday cunu qabateytii hubka saarneyd Soomaaliyana aysan helin wax hub ah taasina ay keentay inay hakadaan howlgaladooda.


Hadalka ayaa u muuqda hadalo in badan ay jeediyeen madax farabadan oo ka tirsanaa xukuumadihii kala gedisnaa ee soo maray dalka iyagoona aanay wax ka qaban arimahaasi ilaa ay ka burburaan.

Dhibaatooyinka haysata Maleeshiyaadka  waxay sii kor dhiyeen inay dhacaan dadka muslmiinta ah ee ku nool meelaha ay joogaan sida Muqdisho iyo meelaha lamidka ah oo ay ku jirto magaalada Baydhabo  iyo meelo kooban oo ka tirsan Shabeelada hoose Iwm.

Meelaha kale oo ay jooogaan ciidamada Amisom iyo maleeshiyaadka Soomaalida ah waxaa ka jira dhibaatooyin xoogan oo ay u gaysanayaan dadka Soomaaliyeed waxaana ka mid ah kufsiga, dilalka bareerka ah iyo gabood fallo kale oo aadamaha ka dhan ah.


Halkan Ka Dhageyso Wasiirka Gaashaandhiga Xukuumada Saacid.


Banaadir Post.

JUG JUG OO MEESHAADII JOOG:-Banaanbax oo Ka Bilowday Goobta Shirka london kasocdo. Maanta oo Shalay weli u eg!

Kuwa Maanta Hor Boodaya  Xassan Gurguurte  Waa Kuwii Shalay Ku Banaanbaxayey  C/llahi Yusuf.
Kuwa Maanta Banaanbaxayana Waa Kuwii Shalay Difaacaya   C/llahi Yuusuf.

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Dadkan ayaa ka cadhaysay maamul xumada Xasan Gurguurte  iyo waliba shirkii dhawaan u dhacay magaalada Ankara ee dalka Turkig akasoo dawlada federaalka ah la qaataday maamulka la magac baxay Somaliland.

Mudaharaadkan ayaa waxaa soo qaban qaabiyey jaaliyadaha maamulo badan oo Somalia ka jira sida Khaatumo State, Awdal State, Jubbaland, Maakhir State iyo Puntland kuwaasoo kasoo jorjeeda kala qaybinta iyo qabka xun ee Xassan Gurguurte  u wado dawlada Soomaaliya!!


Maxaa haray oo la  isku haystaa?


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