Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and his Prime Minister Abdi Farah plans for the country have failed!.


Somalia is being divided, even if the people reject 4.5 Ideas, they will look to clan for sharing. Mr. Abdirahman Farole has indicated that Puntland will start multiple party system. Therefore every clan will open a political office based on tribe.  And use foreigners aid when they need help.

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud  and his Prime Minister Abdi Farah  plans for the country have failed, specially Abdi Farah his own clan rejected his proposals. People of Gedo region are not happy with the proposals such as; Ahmed Madobe and Abdinasir Seraar. When you really pay attention, it is the big tribes that are trying to dominate other small tribes.

The Western countries are trying to divide Somalia into small fiefdoms ruled by tribal chiefs. They want small and weak federal government that can be dominated by Ethiopian and Kenyan military. The president and the prime-minister believe that they are recognized, if this is the case, why did they not stop the conference in Kismayo?

Why do the Kenyan troops take orders from Ahmed Madobe and Abdinasir Seraar? is it because of Kenyan Defense Minister?  It is very clear that neither the Abdi Farah  nor Hassan Mohamud rule Somalia by any means. Somalia is being led by organizations based in Nairobi Kenya, specially interest groups.

Puntland Constitution is brought to Jubbaland by a Norwegian agency Norway wants to look for oil and natural resources in Somalia.

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