Journalist Abdiaziz Abdinur Ibrahim is in jail because of interviewing a rape victim

23979600The victim and her husband are also in jail because she openly talked about her case, the Somali Police, the commissioner and the head of the CID, as well as the national intelligence agency are putting all pressures on the victims and journalists, the criminals are enjoying with the impunity, because they were in uniform and their commanders are fighting for them. It is very sad that the police ordered the arrest of the rape victim and the reporter who interviewed her, as well as the fixer and a women rights activist who provided medical assistance to the rape victim.
Photo:Abdiaziz Abdinor sitting in Dalsan radio.



DHACDO NAXDIN LEH:-Maleeshiyaadka Dowladda Federaalka oo 3 Haween ah xalay ku kufsaday Degmada Afgooye.