Kenya: Clashes in Tana River district kill over 30

151851910At least 39 people have been killed and many more injured in Kenya after fresh clashes broke out between rival groups in the Tana River district of Kenya’s coastal province.

The attack, carried out by ethnic Pokomo farmers on an Orma village happened in the early hours of the morning. House were burnt down and villagers where cut with machetes,BBC news reported.

According to the International Red Cross, at least 30 other people, including a one year old child have been seriously injured in the attacks.

Al Jazeera English reported that the Orma are traditionally herders and the Pokomo are farmers. Tensions between the two communities have risen during a disarmament operation.

Though police have said the attack was in retaliation for an attack that killed more than 100 villagers earlier this year, others say the raids are political. National elections will be held in March 2013.