Memorandum of Understanding between the IGAD Joint committee for the Grand Stabilization of South Central Somalia

Memorandum of Understanding between the IGAD Joint committee

for the Grand Stabilization of South Central Somalia


Considering the need for the maximization of maintaining good neighborly

relations and collective measures to eliminate threats of State and human

insecurities constraining regional co-operation in the sub-region;

Reaffirming their commitment to the promotion of peace, security and stability in

the IGAD region in conformity with the Charters of the United Nations, theAfrican

Union and other relevant international instruments;

Aware of the fact that there is need for cooperation in stabilizing Somalia for the

development of strong democratic institutions, the rule of law and order, the

promotion of good governance and more generally, the implementation of postconflict

reconstruction and development and for the promotion of collective

security, durable peace and stability in the country ;

Recognizing the need for closer collaboration between the neighboring countries

and the government of Somalia in order to address effectively the common

transnational challenges posed by the threats of terrorism and other emerging

security concerns, as well as the importance of deepening relations for greater

understanding and mutual benefit;

Acknowledging the IGAD Heads of State and Governments decision endorsing the

IGAD Grand Stabilization Plan for South-Central Somalia and establishment of the

IGAD JOINT COMMITTEE comprising Ethiopia and Kenya to support the

development of an inclusive process, in determining the political and

administrative arrangements for the liberated areas and the expressed willingness

and commitment of the government of Somalia to work within IGAD, framework

and stabilization and recognizing the partnership engagement required for greater

stability in Somalia;

, further acknowledging the emphasis given by the UN Security Council to the

importance of stabilizing the liberated areas in Somalia, promoting peace and

reconciliation, law and order, the delivery of basic services and strengthening

governance at district, regional, state and federal levels;

Desirous of deepening their collaboration and enhancing their capacity to

collectively support the peace building processes in South Central and other parts

of Somalia through the conclusion of the present Memorandum of Understanding;

Hereby agreed on the following:

Article 1


The purpose of this MOU is to provide a framework for implementation of the

Grand Stabilization plan for South central Somali in the area of peace, security and


Article 2


In this Memorandum of Understanding, unless the context requires otherwise:

“Parties” means the IGAD Joint committee made up of the respective delegations

of Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Facilitator means the IGAD office of the Facilitator for Somalia peace and


“Intergovernmental Authority on Development (hereinafter referred to as IGAD)

“means the Authority established under article 1A of the Agreement establishing

the IGAD.

“Executive Secretary” means the Chief Executive Officer of IGAD established under

article 13 of the Charter establishing IGAD;

“MOU” refers to the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the

respective delegations in to the IGAD joint committee.

Article 3

Scope of Application

This Memorandum of Understanding will create a platform through which the

Joint committee will cooperate in the areas they find relevant within the

framework of a common consensus, in the spirit of good neighborly relations and

most importantly in line with the initiatives of the IGAD.

Article 4

Objective of the MoU

The primary objective of this MoU is to strengthen the implementation of the

Grand Stabilization plan by expanding the joint IGAD committee with the

inclusion of the new committee members appointed by the federal government

of Somalia.

Article 5

Areas of cooperation

The parties aim to, inter alia, and achieve the following;

(a) Facilitate Stabilization; promote peace and reconciliation and an

inclusive process to determine political and administrative

arrangements in the liberated areas, of south-central Somalia.

(b) Develop and implement joint strategies in the areas that are relevant

to re-establishment of government institutions in an inclusive

manner, security sector arrangement, rule of law and order,

humanitarian/stability, and cross -border issues.

(c) To establish interim Administrations through a consultative process

that will lay the foundation for the establishment of functional

Regional and District governance structures.

(d) Enhance information sharing through jointly agreed mechanisms.

(e) Ensure that the Joint committee agreement is developed on the basis

of mutual understanding to strengthening the coordination of

political and security initiatives on the ground;.

Article 6

Cooperation and coordination

a) The parties shall cooperate mainly through direct communication and

consultation as well as through the IGAD Office of the Facilitator.

b) The parties and the Executive Secretary/Facilitator shall meet regularly

on the implementation of the MoU and other joint agreements.

c) The facilitator shall represent IGAD in order to facilitate the parties.

d) The parties shall be guided by the amended rules of procedure of the

joint committee towards the implementation of the IGAD stabilization

plan. (here in attached)

Article 7

Dispute Resolution

Any misunderstanding or difference(s) arising among the Parties from or regarding

the interpretation or application of the provisions of this MoU shall be resolved

amicably through dialogue.

Article 8


The Parties shall regularly review the implementation of the Memorandum of

Understanding and shall where necessary amend its provisions, by consensus.

Article 9

Commencement of the Memorandum

(a) This MoU shall enter into force upon release of the agreed report by the


(b) The parties may agree to terminate this MoU upon consensus and mutual

agreement at any time of its existence.

(c) The termination of this MoU shall not affect neighborly relations of the

respected countries and IGAD.#

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