Tarsan Wants to Shoot Two Birds with One Stone, Jawaari Denies Him.

The Federal Government’s Banadir provincial commissioner, Mahmuud Ahmed Nur (Tarsan), is facing political pressure from many sides.

Tarsan has been facing increasing political opposition since the fall of Sharif Sheikh Ahmed’s regime, with whom he had close ties.

Tarsan, who is now a member of parliament, expected Sharif Sheikh Ahmed to win the elections so that he would continue serving as provincial commissioner in addition to being a member of parliament.

But Tarsan’s expectations were to no avail as Sharif Sheikh Ahmed lost the presidential elections. And then, in the first parliamentary meeting held for the new parliamentarians, Jawaari – the head of parliament – announced that it would be unacceptable for anyone to be an MP and hold another official position. One would either resign from parliament, or leave the office he now holds to continue serving in parliament.

Tarsan now faces a dilemma, and it is not known what choice he will make. If he quits parliament and holds his post as provincial commissioner, then he could lose his post anytime in the near future, as the new president embarks on a campaign to cleanse the new government of those who had close ties to Sharif Sheikh Ahmed. And if he chooses to relinquish the provincial commissioner’s post, he becomes a mere member of parliament.

Source Harar 24